Why now is the time to invest in Dubai

The Dubai property market is currently going from strength to strength. Double digit capital appreciation and rental yields of up to 11% are being driven by a multitude of factors, namely.

  • Population set to double by 2040.
  • Golden Visas for property investors.
  • World class infrastructure.
  • Tax free property market.
  • Very safe with low levels of crime.
  • Regulated and secure property ownership.
  • Booming tourist destination.
  • Strategic location between Asia and Europe.
North Fox

The smart property investment choice in Dubai

Tailored guidance, expertly delivered

At North Fox we understand that investing your capital outside of your country of residence can be daunting. We have built this business around the principal concept, that your time and capital are precious. Neither of those valuable resources should be wasted and that is where a trusted expert partner is vital.

Identifying the best investment opportunities can be extremely challenging here in the UK, to attempt to do this overseas without expert help would be all but impossibleWith this in mind we have partnered with one of the leading independent property consultancies in Dubai, Property Circle to offer our clients access to the very best hand-picked investment opportunities in the Emirate.

All of our international opportunities are very carefully vetted by our management team. With house prices rising at their fastest pace in a decade at almost 17% per annum and rental yields of upto 11%  now is a great time to consider adding a property in Dubai to your portfolio.

No matter your experience level, our expertise and collaborative approach help you turn exclusive opportunities into smart investment decisions.


In a word yes! Since the enactment of the Freehold Law in 2002, foreigners have been granted the freedom to buy, sell, let, and rent properties throughout the UAE. Consequently, there has been a substantial increase in property investments in Dubai by individuals and companies from all across the globe. Foreign investors are limited to certain geographical areas which is why you need a knowledgeable agent to help you.

Dubai boasts a tax-efficient environment with no income tax or inheritance tax levied on properties. However, it’s worth noting that foreign investors will likely still be liable for income tax in their home country if they are not residents of Dubai. Although Dubai has no stamp duty when transferring property ownership, a 4% transfer fee is required by the Dubai Land Department.

Furthermore, a monthly ‘housing fee’ is applicable, amounting to 5% of the average rental value in the area. Despite these fees, the overall tax burden remains extremely low.

Yes you can obtain either a 2 year investor Visa or a 10 year golden Visa by investing into the dubai property market. You need to have invested a minimum of AED 750,000 and the property must be 50% paid for. For the golden Visa this is AED 2.1 million.

This is where all of our focus as a business comes in. We have 20 years of senior management experience in the selection of investment property both as an organisation and as investors ourselves. We want to ensure your purchase generates high levels of income but is also well placed to benefit from the property boom starting in Dubai currently.

As ever location, price and amenities are key to any decision. We also tend to favour off plan properties as discounts can be obtained from the developers.
Finally it is vital your agent has a presence on the ground in Dubai and can ensure you only buy from vetted developers.

First off we would ideally like to arrange a 20 minute exploratory chat with you to understand your goals, budget and expectations. This is just to ensure buying in Dubai is a good fit for you.

Once this has been done along with our trusted partners in Dubai we will go about drawing up a shortlist of the most suitable investment property for you to review.

If you take the decision to move forward with a purchase we will be there to walk you through from reservation all the way through to eventual completion of the property. We can also ensure any investment you make is totally hands off and fully managed for you.

Should you wish to visit any of the developments before purchasing this can of course be arranged. We would have someone from our team meet you at the airport and give you a tour of the various developments we have shortlisted for you.

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